I am a Mess💔

Peace in daily storms

Image by: Theraurus.plus

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.

John 14:27 ESV

Our Savior has left us with the gift of peace. But I have discovered through life journey that the peace can easily be lost because we live on earth and not in heaven yet. The world is harsh and it’s paths are crooked, so how exactly can we walk in the peace Jesus left us with? Well…

Below is a list of all my personal favourite ways to keep my peace😊, I fall back out of them sometimes but when I do get myself together these are my go to and they work all the time.

The first habit I practice in order to maintain peace is called: ‘making your worries your prayer list‘. Whatever it is that you are worried about right now I suggest you pray about it. The Bible says we should cast our burdens unto him because he cares about us, Matthew 11:28. In each and every day find some time to pray about what you are worried about, it relieves the mind of some heavy burdens, you should try it.

The second habit that I have newly found that is very much a fave is: addressing any questions and concerns that my mind has using answers in the word of God. The important part in this habit is, not ignoring your feelings or leaving your thoughts unattended. Here’s an example

Forget the handwriting 😁

I can’t begin to explain how much this practice aids my faith, and also the amount of mental relief it brings me in my daily life … I thank God so much for this.

This third habit is quite famous, limit and filter social media, and the news. The media ensures that we learn of all events happening in the world, divorces, suicide, sudden deaths of good people +our own bad news, honestly it’s exhausting. I don’t know if it’s just me but what’s happening in the world has a way of shifting my mood. Also there are some feeds that will make you feel as if your life is stagnant, or your kind of beauty is not beautiful, well it’s time to unfollow those accounts,a little social media break, time to ask yourself why you follow some people and time to replace those accounts with ones that will motivate and grow you. This is not a case of jealousy it’s a case of putting your mental health first, it’s an act of shutting the door to the world so you can work on yourself.

The next practice is counting blessings and choosing the spirit of gratitude, Psalm 103:2. Things might not be going well but thank God you have a car, if you don’t then thank God you have shoes, if you don’t then thank him that you have feet, if you don’t have feet then thank him because you are alive to see your loved ones, people in the grave would do anything to see their families. Cultivate joy from the simple things in life and maintain peace.

The last one is🥁 live in the NOW! Yesterday has passed, take the lessons, forgive, and remember the blessings so you can count them later😇. As for the future it is not in our control, our actions today do affect the future but we have to be sane today to make the best choices for tomorrow… today we can only plan, pray and have faith but we should never let our brains live in the future such that we forget to embrace today.

Okay that’s it, there’s a long list of these but I believe the ones above will get you by. Finally “be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power”, Ephesians 6:10, enjoy the rest of the week!

By sharing this information you give the Holy Spirit a chance to move in someone’s life, so do kindly share with your loved ones 💖

3 thoughts on “I am a Mess💔

  1. You are a blessing to us. God has blessed us with you. This is a power-pack. Peace is what we need to trust God with everything that concerns us. Today, you have reminded us of gratitude and confronting doubt with God’s Word. ❤💥💥


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